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Dangers of Drug Abuse - Short Essay
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Dangers of Drug Abuse – Short Essay

Drug abuse has spread worldwide among all age groups and among men and women alike.  A pill serves the relief from physical or mental illness.  The names of drugs are advertised in medical journals, and doctors prescribe them for their patients.  When there is an easy way out with pils, people do not consider trying perseverance, self discipline and mental effort.  Drugs are useful when depressed but not when we feel good.  There are medicines and sensual drugs.  Hippocrates was the Greek physician who remarked that the remedy must go not only with the symptoms of the disease but also with the nature of the patient.  He insisted that drugs must have a healing effect and also must have a restorative effect. If not, the drug would unbalance healthy functions of the brain and body.  Persons in good health will lose their strength by taking purgative medicines.  There is a distinction between medicines and sensual drugs.  Sensual drugs give pleasure and medicines heal.  Sensual drugs disturb the chemical processes that take place in the brain to help Us generate many feelings and thoughts.  They will become weaker and weaker after regular uses of drugs and the brain will fail to evaluate and interpret.  The addicted person fails to respond either to his environment or to other people, He cannot discern the source of his problem and looks for the cause in every other thing but himself.  The addict feels whether he is alive or not and to assure them, they press very hard on them with their fingers.  The claims of the company about the drugs may not be taken seriously.  They essure the drugs as safe, but the drug user takes the pain later because the harmful effects are not immediately clear.  There are delirious effects and even death due to overdose.  These drugs actually affect directly on the brain and cause mental mechanisms to respond abnormally.  The risks are greater for the continuous user and the harm will not be noticed before the warning symptoms occur.  Drug related health disorders are very many.  It starts from the use of syringes to the sniffing that looks harmless.  Liver and venereal diseases, infection of the kidneys and brain are common among the drug users.  The sniffing of cocaine and other such drugs causes damage to the tissues of the nose.  Marijuana and tobacco smoking can cause lung diseases and liver damage.  Babies of addicted women suffer the same disorders of the mother and the withdrawal symptoms.  Sensual drugs affect the chemistry of the brain cells.  Cell function has a chemistry of the enzymes for its reinforcement, shifts, dominance of the cell pathways and for the hook-ups.  Each exposure of the cells to psychoactive drugs somehow ages their chemistry, upsets the delicate chemical balance of the brain’s intricate system of communication.

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