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Do we do anything to avoid the environmental hazards?
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Do we do anything to avoid the environmental hazards?

The UN and several other developed nations have been teaching the whole world several new strategies to save the earth from destruction.  The first of its kind we noticed was the Ozone layer destruction due to the industrial smoke.  Ozone layer is a cloud like formation up above the sky that protects the earth from severe sun rays.  The fluorocarbon and other verities of smokes that rise from the industries all around the world created holes (depletion) in the Ozone layer.  This has made harm- fill sun rays to fall on earth and increase the heat over the earth.  Several measures to reduce industrial smoke have been introduced and the world welcomed it.  The result was surprising that the ozone deployment has been corrected within a short time.  Another large scale attempt that is going on is waste disposal methods and the strategies.  It starts from home to industrial trial level.  There are government laws that seriously fall on industries that work without environmental considerations and waste management schemes.  Recycling the waste to produce useful materials and fertilizers are successfully adopted in developed nations.

Water management is another major concentration of nations around the world. Clean water for drinking and water for plants and animals have become world issues.  The shortage of water due to poor rain fall and lack of interest in protecting the pools and rivers, have opened the eyes of the people.  There are strategies to collect the rain water, protecting rivers, lakes and pools in many countries all over the world.  In fact we are very concerned these days about the wrong steps we had taken that harm the earth we live in and we appreci- ate the correcting steps introduced by the United Nation and other world organizations that work for reviving earth from all those maladies  .

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