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Formation of the Insurance Industry in India
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Formation of the Insurance Industry in India

Insurance law in India had its origins in the United Kingdom with the establishment of a British firm, the Oriental Life Insurance Company in 1818 in Calcutta, followed by the Bombay Life Assurance Company in 1823, the Madras Equitable Life Insurance Society in 1829 and the Oriental Life Assurance Company in 1874. However, till the establishment of the Bombay Mutual Life Assurance Society in 1871. Indians were charged an extra premium of up to 20% as compared to the British. The first statutory measure in India to regulate the life insurance business was in 1912 with the passing of the Indian Life Assurance Companies Act, 1912 (Act of 1912) (which was based on the English Act of 1909). Other classes of insurance business were left out of the scope of the Act of 1912, as such kinds of insurance were still in rudimentary form and legislative controls were not considered necessary.

General insurance on the other hand also has its origins in the United Kingdom. The first general insurance company Triton Insurance Company Ltd. was promoted in 1850 by British nationals in Calcutta. The first general insurance company established by an Indian was Indian Mercantile Insurance Company Ltd. in Bombay in 1907. Eventually, with the growth of fire, accident and marine insurance, the need was felt to bring such kinds of insurance within the purview of the Act of 1912.

While there were a number of attempts to introduce such legislation over the years, non-life insurance was finally regulated in 1938 through the passing of the Insurance Act, 1938 (Act of 1938). The Act of 1938 along with various amendments over the years continues till date to be the 1 definite piece of legislation on insurance and controls both life insurance and general insurance.

General insurance, in turn, has been defined to include *fire insurance business”. “marine insurance business” and “miscellaneous insurance business”, whether singly or in combination with any of them.

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