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Going Local - Humans Localization - Meaning
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Going Local – Humans Localization – Meaning

Going Local

Global warming, toxic pollution and species extinction are caused as a result of human greed.  Individuals should change their consumer habits, because it could endanger our planet.  Globalization is the driving force behind the crisis the world is encountering today.  It can be changed by going local.  Localization is a form of decentralization where the economic activity is shifted back into the hands of local business instead of concentrating on multinational corporates.  Food should be shifted from global to local level.  Local food is the food produced for local and regional consumption.  It reduces pollution and the use of fossil fuel.  Local markets help farmers to diversify their production.  But global markets demand monocultural production.  This kind of production does not allow diversification.  They use heavy machinery that can cause soil erosion.  Local food system has economic benefits as well.  This can nelp to revive rural economies and also reduce the amount that as to be paid for heavy equipment and the fuel to run them.  Local food is nutritious and it also has less preservatives.  Different varieties of crops can be grown depending on the local climate and soil.  Food security can be increased by depending on local foods.  Small scale diversified farms have higher output per unit of land than large scale farms.  One of the demerits of global food is neavy cost, buying local foods can reduce the money wasted on excessive transport, packaging, advertising and chemical additives.  The benefits of localization can be found in the use of local herbs and traditional methods rather than the following commercialized medical stream.  One can also use local natural materials for construction, and adopt organic practices in farming.  Small businesses can provide meaningful employment and it can keep money circulating in the local economy.  Localization can reduce waste, pollution, and it can also conserve resources.  The author brings out an innovative thought called “Breakaway Strategy” in this essay.  This is a method by which governments would be pressurized to leave the World Trade Organization.  This would help formulating policies that would protect the environment and human rights.  This would promote small scale industries than large scale industries.  Localization, thus, would help to form a diverse world with true sustainability.

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