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Our Role in Prevention of Pollution - Essay
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Our Role in Prevention of Pollution

There are lot of environmental problems and human beings must try to recognize them.  They should behave responsibly to improve the quality of the environment.  People think that they can solve these problems using technologies, but it is impossible.  Most people want to have a clean and neat environment but they are not ready to make any changes in their lifestyles.  Human beings can worsen or improve the environment based on their decisions and actions.  There are many natural processes that are exploited by human beings.  Solar energy can help in renewing the topsoil, water, air, forests and grasslands.  It can also help in decomposing and recycling waste etc. But if the natural resources are used quickly, they cannot be refilled and if the lands are overloaded with waste, they cannot be processed. There are two ways for an individual to improve the quality of the environment.  They can do it either by developing a sense of respect for all forms of life, or by answering these questions: where do the things I consume come from?  What do I know about the place where I live?  How am I connected to the earth and other living things?  and what is my purpose and responsibility as a human being?

Air pollution can be reduced by planting trees and by taking care of them. Paper production leads to the loss of forest and this can cause imbalance in the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  Recycling of paper products and using recycled products can reduce the gravity of this issue.  Using sponge and cloth instead of paper handkerchiefs, reusing of envelopes, using products with least packaging, repairing of consumer goods and the use of reusable products instead of plastic and paper are some of the measures that can be used to reduce the use of non- degradable products.  Forest can be persevered by not purchasing forest-based furniture, window frames, doors etc. People can join afforestation programs as well to conserve forest.  Use of pesticides can have many adverse effects.  They can lead to the death of some insects and they can pollute soil and ground water.  So, pesticides must be used only when necessary and in small quantities.  It can be reduced by switching to organic farming and by using organic products.  Composting can be done to reduce the use of fertilizers.  Garbage separation and recycling programs can be organized.  Compost plants can be started either individually or on a community basis.  Use of fossil fuels can be reduced by walking short distances or by using public transport.  This can also reduce pollution.  Damage to the ozone layer can be reduced by not using aerosol spray products and room fresheners.  Other methods include reduction of the use of electricity and the use of rechargeable batteries.  People should focus their energy on a particular issue as this would bring maximum results.  They must learn about the biodiversity of their area.  They should also vote in the elections and should talk to the elected officials about the problems they have in a reasonable manner.  It is essential to practice what a person preaches and must also remember that the protection of the environment begins from “you”.

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