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Subject Matter of Marine Insurance NSW School
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Subject Matter of Marine Insurance

Marine Hull Insurance:

This pertains to insurance of ocean going steamers and other vessels. “Hull” refers to the body or frame of the ship. Machinery is the equipment that generates the power to move the vessel and control the lighting and temperature system such as boiler, engine, cooler and electricity generator. Hull insurance provides the cover for the hull and machinery as well as in respect of materials and outfit and stores and provisions for the officers and crew. In addition cover for liabilities is included.

Marine Cargo Insurance:

This being cargo insurance, it provides cover for various transit perils in respect of goods and or merchandise in transit from one place to another by sea, air, road or registered post. Transit or Marine risks or perils are covered under Marine Insurance. Marine insurance plays a pivotal role in Import, Export and internal trade. Trade involves movement of goods from one place to another place. Goods while in transit are liable to be lost or damaged through one or other of various perils from the time it leaves the warehouse of the supplier till it is received at the final warehouse of the consignee. Goods while in transit are generally exposure of perils leading to total loss or damage. The loss or damage suffered due to these perils is to be transferred to the Insurer in lieu of the premium, as these are included in the Marine cover. It has coverage of loss or damage caused by war, civil war, revolution, rebellion, insurrection or civil strife or any hostile act, capture, seizure, arrest, restraint detainment, general average and salvage charges Strikes, riots etc.

Freight insurance

Freight is the charge payable for the carriage of cargoes. If the vessel is a chartered one, the money is to be paid for the use of the vessel. In case the cargo or ship gets destroyed, the shipping company will also lose the freight on the carriage of cargo. If the cargo owner pays freight for the goods shipped at the time of shipment and the goods do not reach the destination, he loses the fright. The policy covers such risk is called freight insurance.

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